Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Music Playlist

I have been listening to some of the bands from the Twilight Movie Soundtrack on Rhapsody. I wanted to see if I would like them and I am always open to hearing new music! My favorite so far is MuteMath. I had already heard their song Control on Christian radio stations. But I really like You are Mine. It is on the soundtrack for the newest Traveling Pants movie (which is a very good movie, by the way...I forgot the actual title...oops! Sorry!) The others on this playlist are the actual songs that will be on the soundtrack. Unfortunately, I was not able to find them all. This will do for now. I think the soundtrack will be released next week sometime! I can't wait to hear Bella's Lullaby and Robert Pattinson's first recorded song, Never Think! The playlist will be posted to the right.

Happy Listening,

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