Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh My...I am in total shock!

So I just got on Stephenie Meyer's website and someone leaked out a partial copy of Midnight Sun. I am assuming it must have been more than the first chapter I just read yesterday on her own website. She is crushed and is suspending the writing of the rest of Midnight Sun indefinitely. I can't believe it! This is an atrocity! How can someone who Stephenie trusted betray her this way?! I am so sad for her...but also for her fans who, like me, had no idea of such a thing happening. Now we are being punished for someone else's wrong doings! This is inconceivable. I just am in shock! What will people do next?! I am so glad for Stephenie's success but some of her fans are getting out of control! There are rules & guidelines that we must obey. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just so sad! I don't know what else to say.

Peace, Shan


  1. This is really too bad. I think this would really be good. Thanks for letting me know about this. Love, Mom