Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I never know...

...what will come out of my little girl's mouth. She has the funniest things to say and I wish I could remember them all.

Tonight, before I tucked her into bed I helped her read her phonics book from school. This is her homework. I could never be a school teacher because I just don't have the patience. She struggles to read so much and I am afraid she might have dyslexia like her older sister. You have to understand, she will read a will take a LONG time to get through the sentence. She sounds out every word and she struggles remembering the sounds for each letter. I get frustrated with her because she will read a word in the first sentence of the paragraph and the very same word will be in the next sentence...and she doesn't remember it. So tonight I was getting impatient, as usual (I hate to admit), and she blurted out, "Mom, don't get upset with me, I'm just a CHILD!" with this very serious tone and look on her face. I immediately busted out with laughter and she laughed too. I couldn't help but be more patient with her after that statement! :)

Just had to share,

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  1. ha ha, she's funny! so darn smart. We think Colton has it too. let me know how she does, i'm interested to know. and how's the house coming along? you never did say...