Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweet Child of Mine

The other day my youngest brought me our family's Love Pillow with a Love Note inside. First of all, I want to remind you...this blog is like a journal for me. With that in mind, please do not think I am bragging about my kids when I write about them on here. I also want you to know that this is NOT considered to be a "commercial" for a product I happen to sell. (I sell the products because I love them, get a discount and truly believe in them!) My sole purpose for writing this is so I can remember some of the things my kids might do. In addition, I know that grandparents reading this will enjoy being a part of some of the everyday things that happen in their grand children's lives.

Back to the story...we have a jar in our living room with these little Love Notes in it. A family member is to write something on the note and place it in the pocket in the Love Pillow. It is then recommended you place the pillow on the family member's pillow to surprise them.
I was sitting at the computer working on something...probably Christmas shopping. Next thing I know my daughter brings me the pillow with a note inside and says, "Here mommy, this is for you!" I opened it up stunned. You have to understand that 1) she is in kindergarten and is just learning to read & write 2) I never really explained the whole "Love Note" process with her. I thought it was so sweet!

This past weekend my husband was very sick with food poisoning. My little one, again, got out a love note and asked her big sister how to spell "Get well soon." Fortunately he is doing much better today!

Write a note to someone you love today,


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